Home Depot Health Check 2023: App Features, Login, Benefits & Downloading

Home Depot Health Check

The Home Depot, Incorporation is an American multinational home improvement retail corporation that deals in tools, construction products, appliances, and services, including fuel and transportation rentals. Its headquarters is in Georgia, the United States. Home Depot is the sixth largest United States-based employer globally. Home Depot is a reputed firm that servers health check to its associates as well, and is popular for its health service Home Depot Health Check.

The Home Depot Health Check is specially made to fulfill the requirements of US associates and SSC non-associates. It is an app that gained popularity after the coronavirus spread across the world. To take health safety measures, this application is designed so that the associates can go through strict and proper surveillance to curb the virus spread. In this article, we will learn everything regarding this application and its various tools from login to its benefits.

About Home Depot Health Check Application:-

Home Depot Health associates are targeted by this check, and non-associates are directed to the Home Depot SSC non-associates health check. As soon as you arrive for your scheduled shift, the associates must fill out this form and clock in at the home wellness check. They must follow the relevant health and safety measures listed in the medical check. Hence this way corporations can track the health status of every associate and could make a proper healthy environment for everyone during this pandemic. After completing a Health Check on the counter at Home Depot, associates may use the Attendance and Time Change Request form to add the additional non-compensated time to their time card. At Home Depot, the health check is initiated to ensure that the associates are not infected with COVID-19.

How to Download Home Depot Health Check App?

To download the Home Depot Health Check Application you need to follow some simple steps which are as follows:

  • Firstly, the APK version of this app needs to be identified. Then click on that button and proceed further as instructed.
  • Wait for a few minutes until it gets downloaded and hence install the Home Depot Health Check Application on your device for a better experience.
  • Suppose you are facing difficulties while installing the application you can move to your phone settings. from there, you can turn on the option, Install from unknown sources.
  • Always ensure that the submission is done by the intervention of a third party.
  • Now when it’s all done, you can launch this application on your device.
  • The basic requirements to download this app are a web address, login ID and password, and a device with a strong Internet connection.

How to Login Home Depot Health Check:-

As soon as you have installed the application on your device you need to login, in to use this application. Here we provide you with simple and easy guidance on how to log in. By clicking on the official website healthcheck.homedepot.com. you will see two links 

The first link will be for Associates and the second link will be for SSC Non-Associates Home Depot Health Check-up.

For Associates:-

After you have clicked on the associate’s option.

  •  You will be given complete information related to its respective terms and conditions. 
  • After everything is fine then click the OK  button.
  • Now you will reach the SSO in the apply sign on the page where you have to fill in the information regarding location and address.
  • And then enter your password after filing your ASI ID or LAN ID in your user ID. And click on the sign-in button.

You can also log in if you have forgotten your password: 

  • Click on Forgot password option which is given just below the sign-in option, to restore your password.
  • Then you will receive a text message to restore the password if you have an RSA token.
  • Select the Non-RSA token holder if you do not have any token or registered mobile number on the app.

For SSC Non-associates:-

  • Visit the official Home Depot Health Check website healthcheck.homedepot.com.

official Home Depot Health Check

  • Click on the SSC Non-associate button, and then follow the instructions.
  • Reaching the health check screen, enter your First name and Last name, along with other information listed in the form to avail of the health check at home.
  • You must follow each step mentioned in the guidelines for the health check at the home depot application.

Perquisites of Home Depot Health Check:-

Home Depot offers associates the chance to choose programs and plans to meet a single person and family requirements through their total worth. 

It offers associates beneficial plans such as : 

For part-time hourly, Full-time hourly, and Salaried associates.

Here are some Benefits of the Home Depot Health Check:

Part-time Associates:-

  1. Dental Benefits
  2. Benefits of vision-related
  3. The short-term Disability Insurance Covers 
  4. Life Insurance coverage 

Benefits of work-life balance:-

  1. METDesk (special needs dependents assistance). Associate Discount.
  2. Benefits of the Tobacco Cessation Program.
  3. Benefits of the solution/ care life program.
  4. Benefits of the Matching Gifts Program.
  5. Benefits of Team Depot Volunteer events.
  6. Relocation assistance benefit.
  7. Benefits of tax preparation Discounted Program.

Associates – Full – Time Salary and Hourly:-

  1. Medical Benefits.
  2. Benefits for dental care.
  3. Benefits related to Vision.
  4. Insurance coverage for accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D).
  5. The benefits of spending accounts.
  6. Insurance coverage for disability.
  7. Life Insurance.

Group Benefits:-

  1. The benefit of a legal services plan.
  2. The Insurance covers veterinary.
  3. Emergency and auto homeowner insurance.

Benefits related to time off:-

  1. The benefit of vacationing.
  2. Benefits of taking a leave of absence.
  3. Benefits related to leave for personal or sick days.
  4. Benefits regarding Jury duty.
  5. Allotment of holidays.

Benefits to Financial Institutions:-

  1. Perks of 401(k) plan, we offer.
  2. Benefits related to bank incentives and facility to direct deposits.
  3. Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  4. The facility of a spending account.


There is no doubt that home depot health check is the perfect tool to analyze the health information of workers. This app is designed for both associates as well as nonassociates with advanced features and a lot of benefits to users. Home Depot health check app helps you stay strong and healthy. The information collected by this app is further sent to the government for analysis. So they can prepare a health plan accordingly and manage any pandemic effectively. We hope in this article we have described everything about the home depot health check app to help you. But, still, if you have any doubts or queries related to the home depot health check app then you are free to contact us any time. We will be pleased to solve your query. Thanks and have a nice day! 

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